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Public Sector Excellence™ Report 2010 Public Sector Excellence™ Report 2010
Publisher: iHop
Author(s): Various
181 pages
Price: R360.00 (hard cover)

The second Public Sector Excellence Report™ 2010 features case studies and thought leadership articles by leading authorities in social marketing and public sector leadership, and perspectives from Auditor General – Republic of South Africa, Terence Nombembe; CEO 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Local Organising Committee, Danny Jordaan; Vice-Chancellor, University of the Free State, Prof. Jonathan Janse; CEO, Services SETA, Ivor Blumenthal; Chairman, Eskom, Mpho Makwana; CEO, Public Service Sector Education and Training Authority (PSETA), Ms Shamira Huluman; International best-selling social marketing guru and advisor to the Scottish, UK and European Parliaments and recipient of the Order of the British Empire (OBE), Gerard Hastings; and leading social marketing, design, market, branding and communications thought leaders and practitioners.

Public Sector Excellence™ Annual 2009 Public Sector Excellence™ Annual 2009
Publisher: iHop
Author(s): Various
240 pages
Price: R320.00 (soft cover) / R360.00 (hard cover)

The Public Sector Excellence™ Annual is a compendium of insights, thought leadership and best practices in the public sector and social marketing. The inaugural Public Sector Excellence™ Annual 2009 featured a foreword by the Minister of Public Service and Administration, Masenyani Richard Baloyi and a wide range of insights, case studies, research, thought leadership, interviews and perspectives by best-selling author and global public sector and social marketing guru, Nancy Lee, and global deputy leader of TNS Social & Political (UK), Mark Francas.

Social Marketing: Why Should The Devil Have All The Best Tunes? Social Marketing: Why Should The Devil Have All The Best Tunes?
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Author(s): Gerard Hastings
392 pages
Price: R395.00

This book explains the principles of social marketing and examines the implications of using techniques devised on Wall Street to further social and health goals. Naomi Kein, Joel Bakan and George Monbiot have each done a great job of telling us what is wrong with corporate capitalism. This book begins to provide some solutions. It shows how we can a) borrow the techniques they use to promote consumption, to encourage more socially desirable behaviours, and b) use rigorous research to enable regulators to constrain the worst excesses of Wall Street. Modern marketing techniques now pervade every aspect of our lives: the government, charities, advocacy groups use it to encourage us to live more healthily, support good causes or be more ecologically sensitive. This book asks whether this works and what does it tell us about the relationship between business and civil society? Highly accessible with clear learning objectives, exercises and worked examples, this is also a text that stretches our understanding of the discipline and raises questions about future directions.

Marketing In The Public Sector: A Roadmap For Improved Performance Marketing In The Public Sector: A Roadmap For Improved Performance
Publisher: Wharton School Publishing
Author(s): Philip Kotler, Nancy R. Lee
352 pages
Price: R350.00

Philip Kotler & Nancy R. Lee's "Marketing in the Public Sector" is a groundbreaking book written exclusively for the public sector. It offers dozens of marketing stories and examples from around the world. It empowers public servants and their agencies to build the "high-tech, high-touch" organisations of the future using time-tested marketing principles to increase citizen participation, compliance and support, and the 12 social marketing principles that work.

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